I had the privilege to work with Mohan when we both were starting our careers nearly 12 years back. His passion for writing, and mastery of English language were two things that always fascinated me. Though I myself had a strong English vocabulary, he was much better than me even then. He is gifted with a knack for choosing right words for any verbal expression. With his deep love for writing, formal education in business management, journalism, and English literature and his continuous self-learning tendencies he is extremely well positioned to be a business communications expert. It is not exaggeration to say that I have not seen in my work life someone who is more passionate about English language and writing. Great talent!


– Anil Kartham, Advisor, DXC Technology

Mohan’s quest for a prudent world transcends his personal philanthropy and translates into the integrity that he brings to his work. He commits 100+ percent to all assigned projects with the ability to quickly learn new subjects, products and services. As a subject matter expert he is always willing to take the lead in collaborating with his team mates to articulate complex technology in simple written and visual forms. He is very thorough in his research with the ability to provide a concise position with well correlated facts collected from mass data, across multiple domains; thereby enabling development of an authentic and even unique position on the topic of discourse. Most impressive is Mohan’s ability to consistently build on a premise by eagerly considering all constructive feedback and factoring them into his work. It was a pleasure working with Mohan and I will be happy to give him a job again any day.


– Les Williams, Senior Product Management Specialist, Global IP Services, Tata Communications

Mohan is a multi-faceted, highly talented person. He is a great writer and communicator and has an unmatched grasp over the English Language. He has sound knowledge of technology and keeps abreast of the latest technological trends at all times. Mohan is a great leader to work with and leads by example. He draws out the best from his team members through his perpetual encouragement at all times. I wish him the best in all his endeavors!


– Heeral Tyagi, e-Learning Specialist – Independent Consultant

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